Time for a kitchen sink upgrade

Kitchen sinks are used intensively, and an old worn out sink can affect the general kitchen design. To ensure your kitchen design remains not only functional but also, stylish it is high time you considered upgrading your sink to the latest models. Wundermount sinke have outlined a few tips to help during a kitchen sink upgrade.
• Measure the sink size
In case, you have an under-mount sink or a sink installed in a tile counter or any solid surface the new sink should have the same dimensions as the existing one. On the other hand, you can increase the size of the sink if the existing is installed in laminate or some other counter as long as the base cabinet for the sink can accommodate since you can extend the cut out for the sink. If you intend to maintain the sink size then measure it from the rim irrespective of whether it mounted below or above the counter. If you want to increase the sink size then measure within the interior with less an inch.
• Plan the Structure
Changing the sink could also mean modifying its functionality. Perhaps you want to a sink that can accommodate larger pans and pots, therefore, you should consider increasing the depth or you want to shift from one bowl to two. Be sure to carry one of your largest pots with you at the time of purchasing a new sink. Ensure the sink compartment can easily accommodate the pot. When selecting, deep sinks choose one you can reach its bottom without any difficulties.
• Sink Material
metallic kitchen sinkThere is a wide range of sink materials to select from including stainless steel, granite, porcelain, copper etc. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, a metal sink should blend with some other metal finish within the kitchen. A Copper finish or granite will need regular maintenance to maintain the ideal look. Keep in mind that sinks made of stone such as fireclay or other special metals cannot withstand the vibrations and weight from a garbage disposal.
• Sink Installation
Your plumber should find the new sink is available when he comes to detach the outdated one. The process of installing a new sink involves disengaging the plumbing under it. The faucets will also be unplugged and this might also be the perfect time to install new and attractive faucets. An under-mount sink will need at least a day before being used. Brace yourself for some debris from construction if you will be increasing the size of your sink as your counter or cabinets undergo modification.
According to Pyramis Company’s San Antonio property management services a sink upgrade can significantly add the value of your kitchen and the overall value of your home.