handy man can be described as a person skilled at various and wide range of repairs ,fixing and maintenance majorly around and about the home interior and exteriors. Such task includes minor electric repairs, painters, plumbers, carpenters, fixing leaking pipes. Before hiring such a person there are thing one should know, this include;

Experience and Qualification Their are activities that require skills and their are those that do not require skills, in most cases only a skilled personnel or handyman would deliver as expected or the appropriate way, again hiring a handyman who knows what should be done and how it should be done also ensures that no further damage is caused to what was suppose to be repaired it also gives enough confidence of quality work.

Payment and cost Each handy-person has his rates which varies from low to high depending on maybe the area of work, scope of work, ones experiences, the rates also varies from hourly to flat rates. In every task that requires payment what comes first knows someone’s rates and modes of payment. This would give room for negotiation and agreement before the task is undertaken. Knowing someone’s rates also ensures that no misunderstanding does not occur at the end, in fact personally Iwould make the payment agreed be in a official form and signed and paid once the job is done. Though in some cases one may ask for prior deposit before starting the work.

Availability Before hiring a handy-man one should also know how available the person will be to perform the work. Because of the demands; one may not be available as needed.

License and insurance license and insurance are always very important in work or business operation. This would ensure that in case of an accident or injuries all liabilities are covered by the insurance company involved and in case of any damage caused to your property.

Age Most of the time age comes with experience though not all the time, a older person would be more preferred for the job than a younger person.

Trust you should be able to know if the handyman can be trusted. This information can be derived from the person’s qualification and certification; you can also inquire from friends who he/she has worked for before, conducting interviews. This is important as some of them some come in form of a handyman but end up sweeping the house clean.