Exterior paint color in a home is very important as they usually create a picture of how the inside will be Many home owners are usually worried about the interior of the house that they forget the inside. As you choose your exterior paint colors that will enhance your home appeal you should consider the colors that match with the neighborhood.

Exterior paint colors that will enhance your home appeal will be like a shade of green and brown as it is suitable when the environment surrounding the home is a landscape. The shade of green and brown can be blended with a little red. As you use green and red color is sure to tone down the color, do not use a pure red and green. Tone down the by adding similar amount of gray color to both colors. As you use the rich brown color mix with earthy hues in order to win the brown.

Use a lighter shade of brown for the siding and trim and the darker brown for the garage. A traditional mossy green mix with misty gray trim gives a warm welcoming look. If you have a wooden exterior paint green for the trim instead of the siding.

Another exterior paint color that will enhance your home appeal is by choosing blue, select either light or deep shades of the color it usually gives a feeling of calmness. Element of white will also help make it look cool and crisp. It is a little daring to use blue as it is not an earth color, it is however, advisable to stick to a light and dark shade of blue.

Another exterior paint color is white and black as it usually achieves a traditional and classic exterior. Shutter should be black to contrast a white backdrop.