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8 Tips to freshen up the bathroom look

Perhaps your bathroom has seen better days and the design is starting to look a little neglected. The daily bathroom routine is beginning to take its toll on the bathroom style. After years of constant use, even the most classic bathroom space will start to lose its shine.
If the current look of your bathroom is not as invigorating as it used to be in the past, then the following tips will help to freshen it up.
1. Thorough tub scrubbingwhite bathroom
The first step in breathing some life into your bathroom is to clean it up. You can hire expert cleaners to eliminate soap scum, grime and mold build up on the tiles with a thorough scrubbing not just simple wiping.
2. Enhance the decor
A little change in the bathroom space décor could work miracles. Check the walls maybe they could use some fresh coat of bright paint to revitalize the space and make it look cleaner and fresher. Try a feature wall or mosaic tiles and get creative. Personalize the bathroom space with some wall art or family photos.
3. Cut clutter
Clear the bathroom of those empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Eliminate the bad odor from the stinking old bubble bath and slithering soap you have had for ages. Thoroughly clean and detoxify the bathroom.
4. Increase storage
Limited storage in the bathroom will lead to clutter. Storage is a critical part of the bathroom interior design. Hide stuff away using clever cupboards. Keep the bathroom neat and organized.
5. Don’t forget the ceiling
The ceiling is sometimes forgotten about when decorating. While you should keep the walls simple you can get as creative as you want with ceiling and try out some beautiful decorations Create a dazzling landscape, cloudy sky or any other creative art.
6. Accessorize your bathroomspring-flowers-floating-candles
Select some stylish accessories to make your bathroom more vibrant. Use potted plants or flowers to adorn windows and shelves. Add a splash of color by beautifully arranging some amazingly colored glass vases and bowls. For instance, if you want to create an inviting spa-like atmosphere you could fill the bowls with water and put some floating candles or use them for holding cotton balls.
Buy some classic toiletries, shampoo, and bubble bath with stylish packaging that is worth displaying. Choose accessories that blend with the bathroom finish such as towel rings, dispensers etc.
7. Upgrade the Curtains
Consider replacing the curtains and blinds especially if they now look outdated. Perhaps the shower curtain is now a bit worn out and the towels have lost their fluff. Shop for new ones to replace the old stuff.

8. Invest in a nice fragrance
For an amazing spa-like experience consider adding a touch of fragrance to your bathroom to increase the sensation. What you need is a subtle fragrance, not some choking air freshener. Consider some incense, scented candles and oil burners that you light up when soaking in the tub for a luxurious spa experience.

Remodeling tips for a luxury bathroom

Nowadays what most homeowners go for when they do a bathroom remodel is the luxury. Homeowners want a place to relax in after a hard day’s work that is why they want to transform their bathroom into a luxurious spa. Luxury bathroom remodeling is a now the trend, a key home upgrade and a great way to increase the value of the home. It also enhances the bathroom functionality.

A steam room and a soaking tub are an essential part of a luxury bathroom remodel. Homeowners seeking an actual spa-like experience are installing the peaceful and silent soaking tub as a replacement for the outdated Jacuzzi tubs. The new tubs offer total relaxation being deep and well insulated. The most preferred tub for homeowners is the free standing tub which not creates a spacious look but also acts as the focal point of the bathroom. It is the perfect chill spot that you will always look forward at the end of each day. With the inclusion of massage jets, custom lighting, stereo and television you will never imagine being anywhere else.
• Energizing Rainfall Showersenjoy rainfall shower head
Homeowners are looking for a revitalizing shower experience. A power shower massage in the morning is the best way to kick start your day. An invigorating luxury shower is the only encouragement you need to get up on a cold winter morning.
• Heated Floors
Cold tiles on a winter morning now that is one thing most homeowners dread like the plague. Warm tile floors are more inviting that is why homeowners are installing heated floors. For those who live in the colder climate, the floor heating technology is a desired luxury.
• Technology
Technology is slowing finding its way into the bathroom. Luxury bathrooms now feature music speakers and TV screens. People want to enjoy soaking in the tub while listening to soothing sounds or viewing their favorite show. This is the ultimate spa experience and relaxation we all yearn for right at home.
• Bathtub free
Bathtubs, however, have declined in popularity with the majority of homeowners opting for a large walk in showers. No bathtub means a larger space tofree standing tub create the perfect spa atmosphere by adding shower benches. Larger shower spaces are the current trend since they create an airy spa like atmosphere.

Most homeowners who decide to remodel their master bathrooms normally do so after having had an unforgettable spa-like experience at a spa, luxurious hotel or club. According to this cleaning service Current luxury baths designs require lots of space for installing multiple shower heads, benches, rainfall showers etc. because of the amazing feel they offer. Ultimate relaxation is the key motivation for current bathroom remodels.


Time for a kitchen sink upgrade

Kitchen sinks are used intensively, and an old worn out sink can affect the general kitchen design. To ensure your kitchen design remains not only functional but also, stylish it is high time you considered upgrading your sink to the latest models. Wundermount sinke have outlined a few tips to help during a kitchen sink upgrade.
• Measure the sink size
In case, you have an under-mount sink or a sink installed in a tile counter or any solid surface the new sink should have the same dimensions as the existing one. On the other hand, you can increase the size of the sink if the existing is installed in laminate or some other counter as long as the base cabinet for the sink can accommodate since you can extend the cut out for the sink. If you intend to maintain the sink size then measure it from the rim irrespective of whether it mounted below or above the counter. If you want to increase the sink size then measure within the interior with less an inch.
• Plan the Structure
Changing the sink could also mean modifying its functionality. Perhaps you want to a sink that can accommodate larger pans and pots, therefore, you should consider increasing the depth or you want to shift from one bowl to two. Be sure to carry one of your largest pots with you at the time of purchasing a new sink. Ensure the sink compartment can easily accommodate the pot. When selecting, deep sinks choose one you can reach its bottom without any difficulties.
• Sink Material
metallic kitchen sinkThere is a wide range of sink materials to select from including stainless steel, granite, porcelain, copper etc. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, a metal sink should blend with some other metal finish within the kitchen. A Copper finish or granite will need regular maintenance to maintain the ideal look. Keep in mind that sinks made of stone such as fireclay or other special metals cannot withstand the vibrations and weight from a garbage disposal.
• Sink Installation
Your plumber should find the new sink is available when he comes to detach the outdated one. The process of installing a new sink involves disengaging the plumbing under it. The faucets will also be unplugged and this might also be the perfect time to install new and attractive faucets. An under-mount sink will need at least a day before being used. Brace yourself for some debris from construction if you will be increasing the size of your sink as your counter or cabinets undergo modification.
According to Pyramis Company’s San Antonio property management services a sink upgrade can significantly add the value of your kitchen and the overall value of your home.


handy man can be described as a person skilled at various and wide range of repairs ,fixing and maintenance majorly around and about the home interior and exteriors. Such task includes minor electric repairs, painters, plumbers, carpenters, fixing leaking pipes. Before hiring such a person there are thing one should know, this include;

Experience and Qualification Their are activities that require skills and their are those that do not require skills, in most cases only a skilled personnel or handyman would deliver as expected or the appropriate way, again hiring a handyman who knows what should be done and how it should be done also ensures that no further damage is caused to what was suppose to be repaired it also gives enough confidence of quality work.

Payment and cost Each handy-person has his rates which varies from low to high depending on maybe the area of work, scope of work, ones experiences, the rates also varies from hourly to flat rates. In every task that requires payment what comes first knows someone’s rates and modes of payment. This would give room for negotiation and agreement before the task is undertaken. Knowing someone’s rates also ensures that no misunderstanding does not occur at the end, in fact personally Iwould make the payment agreed be in a official form and signed and paid once the job is done. Though in some cases one may ask for prior deposit before starting the work.

Availability Before hiring a handy-man one should also know how available the person will be to perform the work. Because of the demands; one may not be available as needed.

License and insurance license and insurance are always very important in work or business operation. This would ensure that in case of an accident or injuries all liabilities are covered by the insurance company involved and in case of any damage caused to your property.

Age Most of the time age comes with experience though not all the time, a older person would be more preferred for the job than a younger person.

Trust you should be able to know if the handyman can be trusted. This information can be derived from the person’s qualification and certification; you can also inquire from friends who he/she has worked for before, conducting interviews. This is important as some of them some come in form of a handyman but end up sweeping the house clean.


Exterior paint color in a home is very important as they usually create a picture of how the inside will be Many home owners are usually worried about the interior of the house that they forget the inside. As you choose your exterior paint colors that will enhance your home appeal you should consider the colors that match with the neighborhood.

Exterior paint colors that will enhance your home appeal will be like a shade of green and brown as it is suitable when the environment surrounding the home is a landscape. The shade of green and brown can be blended with a little red. As you use green and red color is sure to tone down the color, do not use a pure red and green. Tone down the by adding similar amount of gray color to both colors. As you use the rich brown color mix with earthy hues in order to win the brown.

Use a lighter shade of brown for the siding and trim and the darker brown for the garage. A traditional mossy green mix with misty gray trim gives a warm welcoming look. If you have a wooden exterior paint green for the trim instead of the siding.

Another exterior paint color that will enhance your home appeal is by choosing blue, select either light or deep shades of the color it usually gives a feeling of calmness. Element of white will also help make it look cool and crisp. It is a little daring to use blue as it is not an earth color, it is however, advisable to stick to a light and dark shade of blue.

Another exterior paint color is white and black as it usually achieves a traditional and classic exterior. Shutter should be black to contrast a white backdrop.