8 Tips to freshen up the bathroom look

Perhaps your bathroom has seen better days and the design is starting to look a little neglected. The daily bathroom routine is beginning to take its toll on the bathroom style. After years of constant use, even the most classic bathroom space will start to lose its shine.
If the current look of your bathroom is not as invigorating as it used to be in the past, then the following tips will help to freshen it up.
1. Thorough tub scrubbingwhite bathroom
The first step in breathing some life into your bathroom is to clean it up. You can hire expert cleaners to eliminate soap scum, grime and mold build up on the tiles with a thorough scrubbing not just simple wiping.
2. Enhance the decor
A little change in the bathroom space décor could work miracles. Check the walls maybe they could use some fresh coat of bright paint to revitalize the space and make it look cleaner and fresher. Try a feature wall or mosaic tiles and get creative. Personalize the bathroom space with some wall art or family photos.
3. Cut clutter
Clear the bathroom of those empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Eliminate the bad odor from the stinking old bubble bath and slithering soap you have had for ages. Thoroughly clean and detoxify the bathroom.
4. Increase storage
Limited storage in the bathroom will lead to clutter. Storage is a critical part of the bathroom interior design. Hide stuff away using clever cupboards. Keep the bathroom neat and organized.
5. Don’t forget the ceiling
The ceiling is sometimes forgotten about when decorating. While you should keep the walls simple you can get as creative as you want with ceiling and try out some beautiful decorations Create a dazzling landscape, cloudy sky or any other creative art.
6. Accessorize your bathroomspring-flowers-floating-candles
Select some stylish accessories to make your bathroom more vibrant. Use potted plants or flowers to adorn windows and shelves. Add a splash of color by beautifully arranging some amazingly colored glass vases and bowls. For instance, if you want to create an inviting spa-like atmosphere you could fill the bowls with water and put some floating candles or use them for holding cotton balls.
Buy some classic toiletries, shampoo, and bubble bath with stylish packaging that is worth displaying. Choose accessories that blend with the bathroom finish such as towel rings, dispensers etc.
7. Upgrade the Curtains
Consider replacing the curtains and blinds especially if they now look outdated. Perhaps the shower curtain is now a bit worn out and the towels have lost their fluff. Shop for new ones to replace the old stuff.

8. Invest in a nice fragrance
For an amazing spa-like experience consider adding a touch of fragrance to your bathroom to increase the sensation. What you need is a subtle fragrance, not some choking air freshener. Consider some incense, scented candles and oil burners that you light up when soaking in the tub for a luxurious spa experience.